Docker container without ipv4 address

Under ubuntu 13.04 with docker 0.7.2 when I create a container via Dockerfile or interactively : the network interface generated veth** does not have an ipv4 address but an ipv6 one.

How can I get a ipv4 address ? Is there some things I missed. Does this depends from my network configuration ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker container without ipv4 address”

    The network interface veth… in the host shouldn’t have an IPv4 address. Those virtual interfaces work in pairs:

    • One interface will be in the container, it will be named eth0, and will have an IPv4 address. For all purposes, it looks like a normal interface.
    • The other half of the pair is the veth… interface. It will be in the host, and won’t have an IPv4 address.

    Those two interfaces are connected together: any packet sent on an interface will appear as being received by the other. You can imagine that they are connected by a cross-over cable, if that helps 🙂

    The fact that the veth… interface has an IPv6 address is just because when IPv6 is enabled, all interfaces receive at least a link-local address. But this address is essentially useless in that case.

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