Docker container not starting when connect to postgresql external

I have docker container with redmine in it and I have postgresql-95 running on my host machine, and I want to connect my redmine container to my postgresql. I followed this step :, to connect my container with external postgresql.

assuming my host machine with ip, so I ran this command :

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  • docker run --name redmine -it -d \
    --publish=10083:80 \
    --env='REDMINE_PORT=10083' \
    --env='DB_ADAPTER=postgresql' \
    --env='DB_HOST=' \
    --env='DB_NAME=redmine_production' \
    --env='DB_USER=redmine' --env='DB_PASS=password' \

    The container running for 1 minute but suddenly it stopped even before it runs nginx and redmine in it. I Need help about this configuration. Thank you.

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