docker container never comes up

have a docker compose file with 2 containers to bring up. my current docker compose file looks like:

version: ‘3’

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  • services:
        image: <image repo url>
          - "5500:5500"
        image: <image repo url>
         - "7001:7001"

    I can see images are downloaded however doing a docker service ls shows:

    vskumar-mac:~ vskumar$ docker service ls
    ID            NAME                 MODE        REPLICAS  IMAGE
    8xpb4o1mqp3n  ora-tools-stack_db   replicated  1/1       imagerepo:5000/oradb:v1.1
    lgqfpyspg9v0  ora-tools-stack_web  replicated  0/1       imagerepo:5000/orawls:v1.6

    I have waited for hours to see if it comes up. but no luck.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker container never comes up”

    to check if container is up & running please type:

    docker ps
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