Docker container cannot connect to host machine: No route to host

I’ve been trying to setup a docker environment using docker compose. One issue that has me stumped is that my docker containers cannot reach my host machine.

I setup a container using the following compose file:

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  • version: '3'
        image: ...
          - "8080:8080"

    When I enter the container, I am able to ping my host machine:

    ping ${dockerHostIP}

    However when I try and retrieve the home page using curl inside the container:

    curl http://${dockerHostIP}:8080

    I get:

    curl: (7) Failed connect to ${dockerHostIP}:8080; No route to host

    I cannot figure out what should be done to resolve this No route to host error. Unfortunately I need to be able to do this as the web application makes requests using its hostname internally.

    Traceroute Results:

    traceroute ${dockerHostIP}
    traceroute to ${dockerHostIP} (${dockerHostIP}), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
     1  ${dockerHostName} (${dockerHostIP})  0.039 ms !X  0.012 ms !X  0.007 ms !X

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