Docker Compose with one Terminating Container

I’m having a docker compose setup of a database container, an application container and one container which pre-loads the database with necessary data.

I want to start all of the containers together with docker-compose up while the pre-loading container terminates after it is one with exit 0.

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  • But terminating this one container takes down the complete setup with the message:

    composesetup_load_1 exited with code 0
    Gracefully stopping... (press Ctrl+C again to force)
    Stopping composesetup_app_1...
    Stopping composesetup_db_1...

    Is there any way of having multiple containers with different life-time in one docker-compose setup? If yes, how?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker Compose with one Terminating Container”

    My workaround for now is to keep the pre-loading container running by adding tail -f /dev/null to the end of the entrypoint script. This keeps the process running, while nothing actual happens.

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