docker-compose not found from script

I have a Dockerfile which is basically the following:

FROM mhart/alpine-node:5

COPY . /project
WORKDIR /project


And my is quite simple too:

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  • #!/bin/sh
    set -e
    docker-compose up -d

    I do have a docker-compose.yml, but there is no point to describe it here.

    First thing I do is to build the docker image by using my Dockerfile, so:

    docker build -t test .

    Then run this image:

    docker run -d test

    Which will launch the

    Unfortunately, I have the following error showing up:

    ./ line 10: docker-compose: not found

    And if I do only ./ without the docker stuff, it works like a charm.

    Where the issue can be possibly coming from?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker-compose not found from script”

    Try to add the full path to the docker-compose inside the script

    which docker-compose

    Then add this to your script

    set -e
    /usr/bin/some/path/docker-compose up -d

    Your local PATH settings are unknown to the script called by docker. Therefore you have to name the full path.

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