Docker compose mysql connection failing

I am trying to run 2 docker containers using docker-compose and connect mysql container to app container.Mysql container is running but app container is failing to start with the error Error:2003: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111 Connection refused)
It seems like my app container is trying to connect my host mysql instead of mysql container.


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  • version: '2'
        image: mysql:5.7
        container_name: database
          MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root
          MYSQL_DATABASE: malicious
          MYSQL_USER: root
          MYSQL_PASSWORD: root
        build: .
        restart: unless-stopped
          - .:/Docker_compose_app   #app directory
         - "mysql"
        command: [ "python", ""]
        restart: unless-restart
        # Environment variables to configure the app on startup.
         MYSQL_DATABASE: malicious
         MYSQL_HOST: database


     FROM python:2.7
     ADD . /Docker_compose_app
     WORKDIR /Docker_compose_app
     RUN apt-get update
     RUN pip install --requirement requirement.txt

    This is my file.

        def create_TB(cursor,connection): 
          query = '''CREATE TABLE {}(malicious VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL)'''.format("url_lookup")
        def connection():           
           cnx = mysql.connector.connect(user="root",password = 'root',database=malicious)
           cursor = cnx.cursor()
         except mysql.connector.errors.Error as err:
           data = {"There is an issue in connection to DB":"Error:  {}".format(err)}

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker compose mysql connection failing”

    There are two issues I can see:

    1. Try to add

        - mysql:mysql

      to the app service in your Docker Compose file. This will make sure that you can reach the mysql container from app. It will set up a hostname mapping (DNS) in your app container, so when you ping mysql from app, it will resolve it to the mysql container’s IP address.

    2. In your .py file, where are you defining which host to connect to? Add host="mysql" to the connect call. By default, it will connect to, which is what you’re seeing.

      cnx = mysql.connector.connect(host="mysql", user="root", password = 'root', database=malicious)

    Fixing both of these should solve your problem.

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