Docker-compose: Mount a volume only in the first container

I’m using docker compose to run a MariaDB Galera Cluster, where each node is a docker container, but MariaDB GC need a master node at start to initialize the database.

I’d like to choose the master container by mounting a file as a volume in the container, with a script at start which check for this file. So I need docker-compose to mount the file only for the first container launched and not for the container created by doing docker-compose scale.

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    What you want to do is not directly possible; when using docker-compose scale you will get a suite of identical containers. You have several options available for selecting a primary node for your Galera cluster. Here are two; there are undoubtedly others:

    Explicit primary

    Have the primary be a single-instance container in your docker-compose.yaml file, and only scale the secondary containers.

        image: myimage
        command: command_to_start_galera_master
      image: myimage
        - galera_primary
      command: command_to_start_galera_worker

    Dynamic primary

    If you’re willing to write some code, you could probably use etcd to perform master election, probably by taking advantage of the ability to atomically create keys.

    I don’t have an example of this handy, but the process should be relatively simple:

    • Each node attempts to create a particular key in etcd
    • The node that succeeds is the master
    • Other nodes can query etcd for the address of the master
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