Docker compose Invalid volume destination path: '.' mount path must be absolute

Following is my dockerfile that works to run the H2 Database:
I want to create a docker compose file for this.

FROM klousiaj/oracle-java:7.79
MAINTAINER J.P. Klousia <klousiaj>

ENV DATA_DIR /opt/h2-data

RUN curl ${DOWNLOAD} -o \
    && unzip -d /opt/ \
    && rm \
    && mkdir -p ${DATA_DIR}

EXPOSE 8082 9092

CMD java -cp /opt/h2/bin/h2*.jar \
    -web -webAllowOthers -webPort 8082 \
    -tcp -tcpAllowOthers -tcpPort 9092 \
    -baseDir ${DATA_DIR}


Following is the docker compose i am trying to perform:

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  • version: '2'
            image: klousiaj/oracle-java:7.79
                DATA_DIR: /opt/h2-data
            command: curl ${DOWNLOAD} -o \ && unzip -d /opt/ \ && rm \ && mkdir -p ${DATA_DIR}
                - "8082-9092"
            command: java -cp /opt/h2/bin/h2*.jar \ -web -webAllowOthers -webPort 8082 \ -tcp -tcpAllowOthers -tcpPort 9092 \ -baseDir ${DATA_DIR}
                - ${DATA_DIR}

    Im getting error as :

    ERROR: for db Cannot create container for service db: Invalid volume spec “.”: Invalid volume destination path: ‘.’ mount path must be absolute.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker compose Invalid volume destination path: '.' mount path must be absolute”

    This is just not allowed in the Compose file, since you do not have a template engine thee.

    You will not need to define

            - /opt/h2-data

    Since that will be done automatically (anonymous volume). If you want to have a named volume use

            - myname:/opt/h2-data

    or a host mount

            - /path/on/the/host:/opt/h2-data

    So ${DATA_DIR} is not expaneded in the volumes ( from the ENV ) in a compose file. There are dialects like rancher-compose providing this, but in general that is not possible

    UPDATED: Updated my answer since i somehow mixed the Dockerfile/docker-compose.yml file. It makes sense in the Dockerfile, since it is just used as a variable. Thank you forhinting me on that @Bmitch (once again)

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