docker-compose get ID of a docker

I am using docker-compose, with a docker-compose.yml file.

Is there a way to get in .yml, the ID of another docker (which is in the same docker-compose.yml)?

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  • docker-compose.yml:

      command: python -u 
        - /workspace:/app
      command: echo -e "POST /containers/containerA/kill?signal=SIGUSR1 HTTP/1.0\r\n" | nc -U /tmp/docker.sock

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    With newer docker-compose versions (I have 1.8.0) you can do

    $ docker-compose ps -q

    Which will only display the id.
    See the usage.

     $ docker-compose ps --help
     List containers.
     Usage: ps [options] [SERVICE...]
       -q    Only display IDs

    Not sure about the .yml file but if you link the containers you can get the ID from /etc/hosts as written in the docs. Maybe this will be helpful.

    You can add the Docker client to containerB and then set the DOCKER_HOST environment to the underlying host (be sure to configure its settings so it accepts TCP connections on the network). Then, you can do a docker inspect containerA using the container name to identify the host you are querying.

    This should give you the container id for containerA.

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