“docker-compose” does not appear to allow or build from local images

I’ve been trying for the last 2 days to get a small edit to a Dockerfile tested on a multi-container set that uses docker-compose.

I can build, and tag the container locally, but as soon as I run ‘docker-compose’ it pulls from the registry copy (contrary to the docker-compose documentation).

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  • If I run docker build . on the directory itself, the container is found correctly, but running “docker-compose build” fails.

    bash-3.2$ docker images
    REPOSITORY            TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED                VIRTUAL SIZE
    busbyjon/heroku-php   latest              c6c60910a924        58 minutes ago      1.754 GB
    mysql                 latest              d7da97aedce5        3 days ago          324.3 MB
    heroku/cedar          14                  ef12eade669a        2 weeks ago         1.265 GB
    bash-3.2$ docker-compose build
    cleardb uses an image, skipping
    Building shell...
    Step 0 : FROM busbyjon/heroku-php
    Pulling repository docker.io/busbyjon/heroku-php
    Service 'shell' failed to build: Error: image busbyjon/heroku-php:latest not found

    Note how busbyjon/heroku-php is listed as an image, but is not found. It does not seem to matter what I tag this image as (it can be “test” and it still doesn’t work!).

    Please help!

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for ““docker-compose” does not appear to allow or build from local images”

    I was able to overcome similar issue by tagging my image like this:

    • myservice or local/myservice

    This did not work for me:

    • my-service

    Maybe it is not the cause.. but try to remove dashes from your image tag.
    To retag your image run: docker tag busbyjon/heroku-php herokuphp and then use image name herokuphp in docker-compose.yml

    This is likely due to this bug: https://github.com/docker/compose/issues/1568 (unable to find locally built image)

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