Docker Compose : build with docker –rm –force-rm to avoid storing intermediates

I have low memory so I frequently need to delete containers, which sucks.

This github issue is raised by a guy who has the same constraints and is being suggested to use

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  • docker --rm --force-rm build

    Can I do the same with docker-compose? How?

    The CLI usage doesn’t seem to accept:

    docker-compose --rm --force-rm build

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker Compose : build with docker –rm –force-rm to avoid storing intermediates”

    As someone has commented, adding these parameters probably isn’t going to accomplish much for you. Compose already defaults to rm=True.

    What you might want to do instead is run something like with a very short “max age”. That way you’ll remove any old container and images soon after they exit.

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