docker: “commit” requires a maximum of 2 arguments

I am trying to do a docker commit from the tutorial :

$ docker commit -m "Added json gem" -a "majid"  9d5a8e18f150 ouruser/sinatra:v2

but I got :

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  • docker: "commit" requires a maximum of 2 arguments.

    I googled it, could not find a solution.

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    I found the solution, it looks like docker does not like space :

    $ docker commit -m "addedjsongem" -a "majid"  2d9666177b46 ouruser/sinatra:v2

    I had the same problem.

    I have copied instructions from web page to docker. The problem is the character ", because is not same.

    When I typed " in terminal (not copied), all works fine.

    I hope this solves this!

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