Docker: combine docker layers into image

The origin of this question is that the pulling from docker private registry is super slow.

Then I figure out that the speed of wget through registry remote API is all right.

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    I tried docker load < layer.0, where layer.0 is the base image of all layers.

    And the result as following.

    FATA[0015] Error: open
    /home/docker/data/docker/tmp/docker-import-087506163/repo/etc/json: no
    such file or directory

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker: combine docker layers into image”

    All layers are diffs you have to load them all for your “image” to be containerized. There is no single image file which contains all your layers. This is useful when you have many images with the same base image and the layers are shared. The only way to compress the layers into a single image is to run a container and export it into a tarball and them import it into a new image and deploy that to dockerhub or your repository.

    See Solomon Hykes comment for source.

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