docker-cloud repository query doesn't provide a response

I’m trying to query docker-cloud repository using this command

docker-cloud repository ls

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  • I get this response.


    My repos are located here and have active images

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker-cloud repository query doesn't provide a response”

    There are 2 different systems: Docker Hub and Docker Cloud.
    Docker Hub is a cloud-based registry. Docker Cloud is a service which helps to deploy and manage Dockerized applications. You can link Docker Cloud to repositories hosted on a third party registry. The Docker Hub registry is linked automatically and all your Docker Hub repositories are listed in, but, unfortunately, the command

    docker-cloud repository ls

    returns only repositories that are on a third party registries (see
    Despite this, you still can inspect your image

    docker-cloud repository inspect fellfromhell/workshop-python

    and get some data in response. Here is the github issue

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