Docker cloning – permission denied

Ok I’m fairly new to UBUNTU but was just following some “simple steps”, you know the sort that someone always claims will work out the box yet never ever does?

Anyway here’s what I get:

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  • # sudo docker run -i -v $PWD:/home/yyyy/work aaaa/bbbb git clone 
    Cloning into 'xxxx'...
    /home/yyyy/work/yyyy/.git: Permission denied

    What do i do?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker cloning – permission denied”

    docker run ... aaaa/bbb git means running the aaaa/bbbb image (based probably on Ubuntu)

    It depends on how that image was built (its Dockerfile): it the WORKDIR was set to /home/yyyy/work, but USER was set to another user, there would be a permission issue

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