docker-ce 17.06.0-ce failed to pull from private registry mirror

After I upgrade docker-ce to latest 17.06.0-ce, I can not pull from my private registry…

before upgrade, I can docker pull tae/uc, which is my private image on my private registry, which is configured in /etc/docker/daemon.json

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  • { “registry-mirrors”: [“https://admin:password@registry.local:5005”] }

    after upgrade, I failed to pull without specifying the registry…

    The only way I can pull is like docker pull registry.local:5005/tae/uc,
    which is very annoying.

    Any idea ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “docker-ce 17.06.0-ce failed to pull from private registry mirror”

    I would guess that your registry is only providing registry API v1 and Docker-ce 17.06 dropped support of it:


    Disable legacy registry (v1) by default #33629

    Upgrade your registry or try to re-enable legacy registry by adding "disable-legacy-registry": false in your daemon.json

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