Docker – Cassandra with Authentication

I want to setup a Cassandra container with configured authentication on Docker. Currently i’m using the official Cassandra Docker image, but it doesn’t seem to provide a option (via the ENV thingies) for enabling Auth Mode.

One possibility would be to setup an own repository, clone from the Cassandra Docker GitHub and modifiy this file so it also accepts the Auth related options, but this seems a bit to complex for my quite simple task. Does anybody know about a more simple solution or has any hints?

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    The only option that I can think of (other than making your own version of the image and updating that, as you suggested) is to provide your own cassandra.yaml in a bind mount. For example:

    $ docker run -v /path/to/config:/etc/cassandra

    Where /path/to/config is a directory containing your cassandra.yaml. Make any adjustments you like to the copy of cassandra.yaml on the host, including your auth changes. To ensure consistency in the configuration, be sure your copy of cassandra.yaml matches the version embedded in the docker image.

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