Docker build & deploy on Jenkins takes increasingly long amount of time

I have a small .NET Core web application running in a Docker container that is built and deployed in Jenkins. The docker repository is hosted via Quay.

Initially, it took less than a minute to build & deploy the container. But over time each build & deploy has taken an increasingly long amount of time, to where it is now up to over an hour. Here are some hopefully relevant portions from the beginning of the log:

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  • checking out out the repository from git:

    + ./
    + docker pull
    Using default tag: latest
    latest: Pulling from my/dir
    Digest: sha256:9a654ad205764a668c1fc531c0972d1273b0920dc8282a8c7b6498482cee7975
    Status: Image is up to date for
    + docker build -t .
    Sending build context to Docker daemon 121.9 kB
    Sending build context to Docker daemon 121.9 kB

    pushing the docker image, I think:

    + '[' true = true ']'
    + docker tag -f
    + '[' true = true ']'
    + docker tag -f
    + docker tag -f
    + docker push
    The push refers to a repository [] (len: 26)

    Then the time is taken up mostly by reams of the following:

    7db029aae55d: Preparing
    7db029aae55d: Pushing
    7db029aae55d: Pushed
    55d4937daea6: Preparing
    55d4937daea6: Pushing
    55d4937daea6: Pushed
    7ed278cf0e04: Preparing
    7ed278cf0e04: Pushing
    7ed278cf0e04: Pushed
    master-49: digest: sha256:8ce1e...<more of the key>...90503 size: 21007
    4c16f41d1cc1: Image already exists
    8f1aae847e7a: Image already exists
    28a352fdaf13: Image already exists
    80151bfc7fc5: Image already exists
    54c7eb98ce04: Preparing
    54c7eb98ce04: Pushing
    54c7eb98ce04: Pushed
    b1131d0b29bb: Preparing
    ... more of the same

    I’m a newbie to Docker and would appreciate some kind help. Here is my and Dockerfile:

    #!/bin/bash -ex
    docker pull $REPO
    docker build -t $IMAGE .
    docker run --rm $IMAGE /bin/bash -c "cd /app/test/Project.Tests && dotnet test"
    if [ "$TAG_LATEST" = true ]; then
        docker tag -f $IMAGE $REPO:latest
    if [ "$TAG_LATEST_MASTER" = true ]; then
        docker tag -f $IMAGE $REPO:latest-master
    # $TAG defined prior to running script
    docker tag -f $IMAGE $REPO:$TAG
    docker push $REPO


    FROM microsoft/dotnet:1.1.1-sdk
    EXPOSE 5000
    COPY . /app
    WORKDIR /app
    RUN cd src/Project && dotnet restore --configfile NuGet.config --no-cache
    RUN cd test/Project.Tests && dotnet restore --no-cache
    RUN dotnet build
    WORKDIR /app/src/Project
    CMD ["dotnet", "run", "--server.urls", ""]

    Image History

    $ sudo docker history
    IMAGE               CREATED             CREATED BY                                      SIZE                COMMENT
    0e58e5457605        4 days ago          /bin/sh -c #(nop) CMD ["dotnet" "run" "--s...   0B
    <missing>           4 days ago          /bin/sh -c #(nop) WORKDIR /app/src/Project    0B
    <missing>           4 days ago          /bin/sh -c dotnet build                         782kB
    <missing>           4 days ago          /bin/sh -c cd test/Project.Tests && dotn...   15.8MB
    <missing>           4 days ago          /bin/sh -c cd src/Project && dotnet rest...   2.4MB
    <missing>           4 days ago          /bin/sh -c #(nop) WORKDIR /app                  0B
    <missing>           4 days ago          /bin/sh -c #(nop) COPY dir:c9cbed0051facc2...   62kB
    <missing>           3 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) EXPOSE 5000/tcp               0B
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c mkdir warmup     && cd warmup  ...   297MB
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop)  ENV NUGET_XMLDOC_MODE=skip   0B
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c curl -SL $DOTNET_SDK_DOWNLOAD_U...   290MB
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop)  ENV DOTNET_SDK_DOWNLOAD...   0B
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop)  ENV DOTNET_SDK_VERSION=...   0B
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c apt-get update     && apt-get i...   1.64MB
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c apt-get update && apt-get insta...   123MB
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c apt-get update && apt-get insta...   44.6MB
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop)  CMD ["/bin/bash"]            0B
    <missing>           4 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) ADD file:f4e6551ac34ab44...   124MB

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker build & deploy on Jenkins takes increasingly long amount of time”

    I solved this by changing the last line in my file:

    docker push $REPO


    docker push $REPO:$TAG

    I was pushing the entire repository back to the quay server on each build, instead of only the image I just created. Each build would take longer than the last because the repository grows with each image that is added to it.

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