Docker build argument

How does one pass arguments into a dockerfile?

Lets say I have the dockerfile:

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  • FROM    ubuntu:14.04
    MAINTAINER Karl Morrison
    sudo do-something-here myVarHere

    I would want to build the file as so for example:

    docker build basickarl/my-image-example /directory/of/my/dockerfile "my string to be passed to myVarHere here!"

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    Docker has ARG that you can use here

    FROM    ubuntu:14.04
    MAINTAINER Karl Morrison
    ARG myVarHere
    RUN do-something-here myVarHere

    And then build using --build-arg:

    docker build --build-arg myVarHere=value

    We’ve had a similar requirement and came up with a relatively simple script that does exactly that:

    We create a file called dockerfile_template in which we use variables just like you describe. The script takes that file, performs string substitutions and copies it to dockerfile (no _template) before calling docker build dockerfile.

    Works pretty good. Also very extensible for future requirements.


    Scrap that. Use build-arg (here)

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