Docker and uPnP

I must be missing something, I try to start a minidlna server within a docker image. I manage to get access to the web interface from another host in the same network, I can do some “nc -u” commands on the UDP port and I see some reactions in the minidlna logs but from my box or my tablet, I do not see the minidlna server.

I started a minidlna server from the host and this one is visible from other devices.

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  • What am I missing ? Is there some kind of port redirections to do to make it works or maybe some specific ports to minidlna I should bind to the host ? I did not found any clue yet :/

    Thanks for your help

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker and uPnP”

    So … solved … after fixing locales :/ I do not know why but straight after setting the same locale on the container as it is on the host, I was able to discover it from my tablet.

    So thanks anyway maybe it could help someone else 😉

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