Docker Alpine linux package masked

I am trying to install a package on my docker image that runs alpine but I get the following error,

Removing intermediate container 54bbe0932899
Step 14 : RUN apk add openblas openblas-dev --update-cache --repository --allow-untrusted
 ---> Running in 24d7a8c00c89
ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:
    masked in: @community
    satisfies: world[openblas]
    masked in: @community
    masked in: @community
    satisfies: world[openblas-dev]
ERROR: Service 'web' failed to build: The command '/bin/sh -c apk add openblas openblas-dev --update-cache --repository --allow-untrusted' returned a non-zero code: 3

Important part of the Dockerfile:

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  • FROM python:3.5.2-alpine
    ADD repositories /etc/apk/repositories
    RUN apk upgrade --update
    RUN apk add --update libstdc++ curl ca-certificates bash
    RUN apk add openblas openblas-dev --update-cache --repository --allow-untrusted
    RUN apk add --update py-scipy py-numpy py-numpy-dev

    The repository file is

    How I can force the installation of openblas?

    I am new to alpine so apologies if this is a straight forward question.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker Alpine linux package masked”

    I found the solution,

    the following line:

    RUN apk add openblas openblas-dev --update-cache --repository --allow-untrusted

    should be

    RUN apk add openblas@community openblas-dev@community --update-cache --repository --allow-untrusted

    Now docker continues to the next stage.

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