Docker: Alias command name to run another sibling docker container

I know how to -v the docker socket into a container to make the host’s docker daemon available inside a container. Fine.

I have a dockerized application A that can operate on files on the host.

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  • I have another dockerized application B that wants to use that application A to operate on files on the host, but is hardcoded to call /usr/bin/A filename.

    How do I alias /usr/bin/A within container B, so that it will call out to the other container, like

    docker run -ti --rm A filename

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    You could just replace /usr/bin/A in container B with a shell script:

    docker run -ti --rm A "$@"

    You could do this in the image itself (via your Dockerfile), or you could bin-mount the script when you start container B (docker run -v /path/to/my/script:/usr/bin/A ...).

    Now you run /usr/bin/A some_filename and it should do the right thing, assuming that you can successfully run docker inside the container.

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