Docker Add command doesn't work in nested destination directory

I’m trying to build a simple image that includes a file (jdbc driver for Teamcity) in the image that I will then upload. When I set the destination to /data/ or /data/teamcity_server/ it works but, if I include the full path of where the file needs to be, it doesn’t. I’m stumped.


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  • FROM jetbrains/teamcity-server
    ADD /data/teamcity_server/datadir/lib/jdbc/

    I tried the copy command using a file on disk in the context of the folder i’m building from with the same result. Surely it’s something simple I’ve missed, but i’m about frustrated at this point.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Docker Add command doesn't work in nested destination directory”

    What about?

    FROM jetbrains/teamcity-server
    RUN cd /data/teamcity_server/datadir/lib/jdbc/ \
       && wget
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