Docker: access to VPN domain from docker

There is some websource “” where I need to download some RPM package via wget. And this web-source is accessible only from VPN. So I’m using Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to enter VPN, then I want to build image using Dockerfile where this wget command is listed.

The problem is: Docker can’t access to that domain within container. So I tried to pass dns options in /etc/docker/daemon.json, but not sure what DNS IP I should pass, because in my local there are default DNS, I tried to pass in that array IP addresses of docker0 interface, e.g. — didn’t work.

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  • $ cat /etc/docker/daemon.json
       "insecure-registry": "",
       "dns": ["", "", ""]

    I also tried to add this websource to /etc/resolf.conf but when I run docker to build image — it’s edited to the prev state (changes are not persisted there), and I guess, it’s my Cisco VPN client behavior — didn’t work.

    Also tried to add IP address of interface created by Cisco VPN client to that dns — didn’t work

    I also commented out dns=dnsmasq in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf — didnt work

    For sure, I’m restarting docker and NetworkManager services after these changes.

    Question: Should I create some bridge between Docker container and my VPN? How to solve this issue?

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