Do you need License for OS (Windows) inside Docker

I am looking at creating a Docker (set) for applications that run on Windows. So, I need the Docker to have Windows OS. What license do I need for it? Or if I run the Docker on a Windows VM, does it make use of the same license from the Host?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Do you need License for OS (Windows) inside Docker”

    The container images will use the underlying OS license. Microsoft calls it supplmental license.

    You are licensed to use this Supplement in conjunction with the
    underlying host operating system software (“Host Software”) solely to
    assist running the containers feature in the Host Software. The Host
    Software license terms apply to your use of the Supplement. You may
    not use it if you do not have a license for the Host Software. You may
    use this Supplement with each validly licensed copy of the Host

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