Distributing Docker Container Application for Desktop Environment

I have developed a web-based application for end-users that resides in a docker container. The container itself hosts a few python dependencies, a few public repositories, and a flask based web front-end with a MongoDB back-end that is started when the container is initialized.

It’s fairly straightforward to download the container and run it on a docker host. However, most docker hosts (if not all) are not free.

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  • Therefore, if an end-user wanted to use my application off the cloud they would have to download and install docker and associated dependencies on their local machine prior to being able to use the image (which is even more complicated on a system like Windows or Mac OSX)

    With that being said, my question is: Is there any tool that has been developed to help ease this requirement on the end-user for deployment to users local desktop environments? I understand installing and using docker is not THAT hard, but some people are still very afraid of command-lines and I was hoping to find a method that would help alleviate some of these ‘scary’ requirements.

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    Did you look at Boot2Docker? It packages up the Docker CLI compiled for Windows or OSX, a VirtualBox VM to run Linux for the containers, with an easy-to-use installer.

    Also https://kitematic.com adds more point-and-click for Mac users.

    Overall, however, Docker is a developer/devops tool, and I haven’t seen much aimed at helping non-technical folks use it.

    Docker will be the best open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.