Deploy local repo to Docker container without building image

Is there anyway for me to deploy a local repository to a docker container sitting on a remote server without doing docker build? My workflow is setting up the environment inside of a docker container so that I’ll be able to push to that container, inside of a remote server, via Mina(Rails).

Fairly new to Docker and the only things I see is turning your app into an image and deploying using the Dockerfile. Any advice or links to articles would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    You could use a prebuilt image, just docker run and attach your self to that container then run whatever executables you want ( or deploy inside that docker container ),

    If you need some preinstalled packages inside that image then you can check the the docker hub, if none match your exact needs, you can create your own docker file and let docker build that image for you, then you can use docker pull that image to your server and just run the executables you want inside that image.

    expose another port on the run command(i.e -p 2201:22). install ssh into running, prebuilt container and deploy mina to that port so that it will forward to that container.

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