Deploy a docker container to production

I have create a docker image on my dev machine and tested my RAILS code on it.
The container uses code from the host this way :

docker run -v [/path/to/dir/to/mount/on/local/machine/]:[/desired/path/in/docker/] -p [port to forward] -i -t [name of image] /bin/bash

Now I would like to push the container to a preproduct environment and then a production environment.

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  • What is the best way to do that ?
    Should I install docker on the preprod/prod servers and then use the image ?

    Or should I configure my staging to be identitical to my image and upload my source code ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Deploy a docker container to production”

    Are you deploying a rails app? I would take a look at Dokku which is basically a self hosted version of heroku.

    If you want to use docker directly I would take a look at using a deployment script of some type to help you with this. Basically it can login via ssh, git clone the code to a directory and then run the docker image with the new directory (stopping any existing instances). But again Dokku makes this way simpler.

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