Delete docker image from remote repo

I have the following

docker registry :http://myPrivateRegistry:5000

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  • repository : myRepo

    Image : myImage

    I pushed this image to the remote repo by the following

    docker push http://myPrivateRegistry:5000/myRepo/myImage

    How do I delete this image from the ‘remote repo’ not just locally??
    docker rmi http://myPrivateRegistry:5000/myRepo/myImage untags the image but does not remove it from teh remote repo

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Delete docker image from remote repo”

    After some time googling I’ve found that you could use Curl command to delete images, e.g:

    curl -X DELETE registry-url/v1/repositories/repository-name/

    As far as I can see, this is still being debated in issue 422

    While deletes are part of the API, they cannot be safely implemented on top of an eventually consistent backend (read: s3).

    The main blocker comes from the complexity of reference counting on top of an eventually consistent storage system.
    We need to consider whether it is worth facing that complexity or to adopt a hybrid storage model, where references are stored consistently.

    As long as the registry supports varied backends, using an eventually consistent VFS model, safe deletions are not really possible without more infrastructure.

    Issue 210 does mention

    Soft delete have been implemented as part of the API, and more specialized issues have been opened for garbage collection.

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