Custom Production Meteor App /w Docker – Build Fails on Dependecies

I am trying to rebuild simple/reliable Production Meteor Dockerfile.
It should

1.) Download Meteor

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  • 2.) Run Meteor Build on application

    3.) Clean up source files

    4.) Remove Meteor

    5.) Install NodeJS

    6.) Run npm install on production files

    7.) Run app with forever.

    I am building this bit by bit and seem to be getting errors when I try to run meteor build.

    In debugging the Dockerfile looks like this…

    FROM ubuntu:14.04
    RUN mkdir /home/myApp
    WORKDIR /home/myApp
    ADD src /home/myApp
    # Do basic updates
    RUN apt-get update -q && apt-get clean
    # Get curl in order to download curl
    RUN apt-get install curl -y
    # Install Meteor
    RUN (curl | sh)
    RUN mkdir /home/app
    # Build It
    RUN cd /home/myApp/app \
            && meteor build \
            /home/app \
            --directory \
            --architecture os.linux.x86_64 \

    I gives me different errors each time.

    Example 1

    => Errors while initializing project:
    While downloading natestrauser:font-awesome@4.6.3...:
    error: socket hang up

    Example 2

    => Errors while initializing project:
    While downloading es5-shim@4.5.13...:
    error: ETIMEDOUT
    While downloading fourquet:jquery-toast@2.1.2_1...:
    error: ETIMEDOUT
    While downloading iron:controller@1.0.12...:
    error: ETIMEDOUT
    While downloading less@2.6.4...:
    error: ETIMEDOUT
    While downloading matb33:collection-hooks@0.8.1...:
    error: ETIMEDOUT

    If i build it locally on the Mac, works fine (takes ages) but works fine.

    Looks as if cant get connection, but seems random – any thoughts?

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