curl Flask web service inside Docker container

I’ve got a Flask web service running in a Docker container on port 5000. How do I curl this service from inside the container? I can curl it from outside, i.e. the host, using curl http://localhost:5000/<path>.

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    sudo docker inspect --format='{{json .NetworkSettings.Ports}}' <containername or container id>

    In the network section look at ports.

      "443/tcp": [
          "HostIp": "",
          "HostPort": "8443"
      "80/tcp": [
          "HostIp": "",
          "HostPort": "8080"

    As you can see my container is listening on port 80 and 443 so if I use curl inside the container I should use these ports. On the other hand from the docker host I should use HostPorts.

    Alternatively you can look at the Dockerfile to view which ports are exposed.

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