Creating docker image out of a production environment possible?

I know it’s very common to create Docker containers/images locally upfront of a project and deploy them to a certain environment (DEV/QA/PROD) once you have made changes. But what if you have a project already in production and you want to make local development possible/easier?

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  9. Example question

    I have a running production server with Drupal running on Apache on Debian with loads of plugins and extensions (for PHP, for PHP5 particularly, for Drupal, for Debian, ImageMagick, etc.)
    Shall I create a single image with Apache inside Debian and Drupal on top? How can I achieve this in a single Dockerfile/docker-compose.yml?

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    1.Yes, there is a way to create docker images from production, but I’m afraid it’s manual, and involve little understanding of Drupal and docker..

    Docker4drupal is good starting point to make your docker-compose file

    2.Most of the times it’s wise to ceate multiple images and use them in one docker-compose file

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