Copy asset with location found via shell function

I have an asset which needs to be copied to the docker image, but whose location I do not know beforehand: I need to run a shell command to find it:


How can this be combined with the COPY command in a Dockerfile? Usually I do:

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    But now I need to do:

    COPY `where-is-my-asset` /usr/src/app

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    ARG will let you define a dynamic argument to the build but I don’t believe you can run a command in the Dockerfile to populate the argument.

    You could source it beforehand. With a Dockerfile like…

    FROM busybox
    ARG assetfile
    COPY $assetfile /somehwere

    Then run

    docker build --build-arg assetfile="$(where-is-my-asset)" .

    Which is not much different to just doing it in the shell.

    cp "$(where-is-my-asset)" .
    docker build .
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