continuous integration of docker image by running locally with its own IP?

I am trying out google container engine or kubernetes and have deployed a simple mean stack on it. I am doing following below steps in my local machine to deploy new changes.

docker push commands takes a lot of time (and my network speeds are not great)

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  • docker build --no-cache -t$PROJECT_ID/my-app:v7 .
    # below command takes a lot of time to push
    gcloud docker push$PROJECT_ID/my-app:v7
    kubectl set image deployment/my-app-pod$PROJECT_ID/my-app:v7

    Question is in two parts:

    1. How can I optimise continuous integration here – especially docker push command taking an hour ?

    2. How can I run docker image with its own IP on my local machine – as I am doing small changes and testing a behaviour(session,cookies) which is only reproducible with an external-ip and not on http://localhost. Answer to this will help first part of question.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “continuous integration of docker image by running locally with its own IP?”

    For the second part:

    Just start using something like minkube – which is like a local development version of Kubernetes.

    You can then deploy your app easily to an actual local Kubernetes instance, and then once satisfied, you can push to gcloud.

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