Container process on host machine

I’m using Docker and would like to identify which processes are running on containers.
So, I run this command on my container, which will uses nearly 100 % CPU.

md5sum /dev/urandom

After that I’ve checked processes using htop on host machine.

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    How can I identify, that this command is running inside a container instead of host?

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    As mentioned in “Docker Processes Shown on Host Process List”, you can also run top then press shift+f and select the nsPID and nsUSER

    The nsPID should match docker inspect --format='{{ .State.Pid }}' <acontainer>
    (as in this example, inspired by the pipework script)

    You should be able to add the cgroup column which identifies the container the process is running under.

    • Press F2
    • Setup
    • Columns
    • Choose CGROUP
    • Press F10 to save

    Another option would be to run a command on the container:

    docker exec <container> ps ax

    This should list the processes running in the container.

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