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I am having a python code on my machine through which I intend to publish a message to Mqtt broker. Once published, I want the php docker to subscribe to Mqtt broker docker and display the message.

I am trying to connect to mqtt broker from php docker by giving the address of mqtt docker in php code as follows:

$mqtt = new phpMQTT("",1883, "PHPMQTTTrial"); //Change client name to something unique

echo "failed";
 echo "Success";

$topics['ferries/IOW/#'] = array("qos"=>0, "function"=>"procmsg");


echo "hi";



function procmsg($topic,$msg){
        echo "Msg Recieved: ".date("r")."\nTopic:{$topic}\n$msg\n";

However, it fails to connect.
Can someone guide and tell me how to go about this?

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