Connecting IBM Containers (Dockers) to Watson IoT service instance

I wonder if I can connect my Dockers running in IBM Containers service with a Watson IoT service instance (of course, running in the same organization and space).

I can always assign a public IP to my Docker and connect through the public IP but I think that makes no sense and there is an alternative like I do with other services using something like

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Connecting IBM Containers (Dockers) to Watson IoT service instance”

    basically you can directly connect to IBM Watson IoT from your docker container. All you need to know are a couple of credentials. You can either obtain those by reading the VCAP_SERVICES JSON property which can be injected into your container:

    Here is a link explaining this. (Search for VCAP_SERVICES)

    What you also can do is just obtain the credentials from the Bluemix UI and use them accordingly.

    Here a python example how to do this

    Finally, I can recommend this course since it explains all on connectivity in detail

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