Connect to Dockerized IIS remotely

I have run an IIS from the official image (
on windows Server 2016

Is there any way to connect to that IIS from an IIS Manager so I could have a GUI Access to that IIS?

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    I don’t have a solution for you, but I do have a recommendation:

    The core concept behind Docker is that all your application configuration is expressed as code. I recommend creating a Dockerfile (one per service) which uses FROM microsoft/iis and configure the site within, including all site files. This ensures that wherever your created image is launched, it will run exactly as you designed.

    Docker is a paradigm shift. I wouldn’t recommend expecting things to work exactly as they did before.

    There is a solution to it, which contains of following parts.
    1. You need to create local username/password in Container Image
    2. You need to install IIS configuration tools
    Detailed instructions are in walkthrough below

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