Connect many Jenkins servers with different branches of the same github repo

I want to set up a staging server where each developer will have his own docker container running the app and Jenkins .

I want each one to be able to connect his github branch with his jenkins server with the github plugin for jenkins and create the automated build pipeline. But every branch will be in the same corporate private repository.

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    I have made 2 containers each with a jenkins server. One is connected with master branch and the other with branch1 of the same repo. But each repo allows only one implementation of the github plugin for jenkins.
    Setting one new repo for every branch seems kind of silly and wasteful.

    Best case scenario would be to connect many jenkins servers with the same repo but on different ports by specifying different branches.

    Is something like this possible?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Connect many Jenkins servers with different branches of the same github repo”

    If those docker container can mount the same data container with the git repo in it, that means they can checkout different branches per repo.

    For that, they need a recent git (2.5+) and to use the new git worktree add command.
    Then those containers would work in a worktree set to a different branch per container, but all pointing to the same repo.

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