communication between containers in docker

Is there any to way to communicate among docker containers other than via sockets/network? I have read docker documentation which says we can link docker containers using –link option but it doesn’t speicify how to transfer data/msg from one container to another. I have already created a container named checkram.
Now I want to link a new container with this container and I run
docker run -i -t --privileged --link=checkram:linkcheck --name linkcont topimg command.
Then i checked env variable LINKCHECK_PORT in linkcont container which contains tcp://
I don’t know what to do with this ip and port and how to communicate with checkram container from linkcont container. can anyone help me out of this? Thanks in advance.

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    There are several tools you can use to achieve running multiple docker containers and interact with them. docker has a tool: docker Compose where you can build and interact multiple containers.

    Another tool that works as well: decking you can also use FIG, but i found decking was very straight forward and easy to configure. At that time when i was using decking, docker compose was not released yet. docker compose is a newer tool, yet it is developed by docker.

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