Command line shortcut to connect to a docker container [closed]

I would like know if there any shortcut command to connect on docker container without run docker exec -it 'container_id' bash every time.

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    Here is a shorter command line shortcut to:

    1. Check if a container is running
    2. If running, connect to a running container using docker exec -it <container> bash command:

    Script docker-enter:

    name="${1?needs one argument}"
    containerId=$(docker ps | awk -v app="$name:" '$2 ~ app{print $1}')
    if [[ -n "$containerId" ]]; then
        docker exec -it $containerId bash
        echo "No docker container with name: $name is running"

    Then run it as:

    docker-enter webapp

    I’m using the following alias on OS X:

    alias dex='function _dex(){ docker exec -i -t "$(basename $(pwd) | tr -d "[\-_]")_$1_1" /bin/bash -c "export TERM=xterm; exec bash" };_dex'

    In the same directory as my docker-files, I run “dex php” to enter the PHP container.

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