Combining interchangable docker applications

I want to use multiple individual docker files/containers in one combined application. Suppose I have three docker containers. Two containers, Framework A and Framework B, that process data in a two different ways, but give the same output. The other container, main, will process that output. Now in my application I would like to use either Framework A or Framework B, or perhaps both.

I looked at a solution to combine multiple docker containers, but this does not seem to be supported by docker and is also not exactly what I want. So I looked into Docker volumes, but I don’t really want to ‘write’ or store the data from the two individual frameworks, just pass it to the third container. I also read about docker-compose, but again this does not seem to be exactly what I want.

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  • Suppose that in the main container I have some python code, that will call some other code from either Framework A or Framework B, and data then gets passed from either of those two to main (a python object, array or something similar). What would be the best way to achieve this? And is this easily interchangeable, given that the outputs of framework A and framework B are the same?

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