Codeship: Deploying to EC2 Container Service from Docker Image

I have a project which used Codeship Pro and i have successfully push to Docker Hub, and after that i want to push my project to AWS EC2 Container Service with it.

I followed this documentation:

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  • Updating Task Definitions in ECS

    - service: awsdeployment
      command: aws ecs register-task-definition --cli-input-json file:///deploy/tasks/backend.json
    - service: awsdeployment
      command: aws ecs update-service --service my-backend-service --task-definition backend

    The problem is in documentation, it doesn’t explain what deploy/tasks/backend.json contain,
    i tried to remove it in codeship-steps.yml

    - service: awsdeployment
      command: aws ecs update-service --service my-backend-service --task-definition backend

    But the result is: An error occurred (ClientException) when calling the UpdateService operation: TaskDefinition not found.

    Currently, i use

    ecs-cli compose up

    it push my project to my EC2 Container Service using my docker-compose.yml

    I spend a long day to figure it out, but still i have no idea to successfully push to my AWS ECS, i can’t use ecs-cli command when pushing with shipcode.
    What should i do ?

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