Class 'MongoId' not found in Laradock application

Using Laradock (basically a set og Docker images for Laravel development), I keep getting Class 'MongoId' not found FatalThrowableError errors when calling new \MongoId( $id ) in PHP.

This post Class 'MongoId' not found (Zend Framework with MongoDB Doctrine) suggests that the reason for given error is that the PHP Mongo extension isn’t enabled.

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  • However, if I look at the phpinfo() output, I can see mongodb section. Doesn’t that mean it’s enabled?

    What else could possibly cause this error?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Class 'MongoId' not found in Laradock application”

    I assume that you are using php 7 version.

    In php 7 version a new MongoDB extension is used.

    So instead of legacy MongoId you should use MongoDB\BSON\ObjectID

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