Checpoint/restore feature not working in Docker

I am totally new to docker and also not used to build software from github. I wanted to enable checpoint restore feature in docker.

I installed CRIU from this:

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    this I built docker from below repository:

    Docker Server Version: 1.10.3

    Docker client version : 1.10.3

    After running the make command in the newly cloned ‘Docker’ folder I got the below output.

    —> Making bundle: binary (in bundles/1.7.0-dev/binary) Building: /go/src/

    Created binary:

    I have not done anything else after running make command. Checkpoint restore feature is not yet enabled in docker. Have I missed any command?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Checpoint/restore feature not working in Docker”

    They have release version if you donot want to compile by yourself.
    thanks for Mr.boucher.

    you may refer to my blog.

    note: use ubuntu15.04 would be better if you donot want to patch the kernel.

    Old question but since I am in the same situation at the moment:

    You may want to run DOCKER_EXPERIMENTAL=1 make binary to have the experimental features enabled.
    After that a call to ./bundles/1.7.0-dev/binary/docker-1.7.0-dev --version should show that you have an experimental build.
    Also the checkpoint command should be available when printing --help.

    I added a documentation entry for that topic. It will be available after review.

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