Change Default Docker Image Download Location in Fedora 23

Can anyone suggest how to change docker image download location?

right now it is stored in /var/lib/docker (500mb only free space).

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  • I referred below links

    How to change the docker image installation directory?

    but it does not match with my configuration eg. /etc/sysconfig/docker I could not find this file. I followed this link to install (install with dnf method). I am trying to find where it is get install by using linux cli command find / -name -type f "docker" it list /usr/bin/docker. I could not able to open this file in editor it seem like shell script. open that file using VI editor but the file full of junk characters.


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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Change Default Docker Image Download Location in Fedora 23”

    There is one tricky way to do this.

    What you need is just move your data and symlink it to new location without any config changes.

    1. service docker stop
    2. mv /var/lib/docker /mnt/hugest/disk/ever
    3. ln -s /mnt/hugest/disk/ever /var/lib/docker
    4. service docker start

    It should work just as before.

    I change the default directory using docker daemon command

    1) stop docker

    systemctl  stop docker

    2) move docker images as per your required folder

    mv /var/lib/docker /u01/docker

    3) start docker daemon with new mount point.

    docker daemon -g /u01/docker/

    4) open new terminal tab, check the docker images

    docker images

    note: my case docker version 1.11.2, os:fedora23 64 bit

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