centos6.6 in Dockerfile gives error

I am trying to use centos6.6 in Dockerfile,
I tried following both lines one by one in my Dockerfile:

FROM centos:centos6.6
FROM centos:6.6

But getting this error while running docker:

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  • root@onl-dev:/distros/trial# docker run -it trial
    docker: Error response from daemon: No command specified.
    See 'docker run --help'.

    Can someone suggest me if I am missing anything here?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “centos6.6 in Dockerfile gives error”

    The error seems pretty clear: you haven’t specified a command to run, either in your Dockerfile or on the command line. You could try:

    docker run -it trial bash

    …if you want a shell. Or you could add to your Dockerfile:

    CMD ["bash"]

    …and now your image would run this by default if no command is provided on the command line.

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