Cant push docker image to local registry by .sh script called from plink – no basic auth credentials

I have a problem by pushing docker image in the local registry.
I have a local registry for example
My script looks like (

# some commands
# build image
# tag image
docker push

This script works fine if I run it from the current system (i run on ubuntu 16.04):

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  • sudo ./

    But I need to invoke this script from another script on a windows machine.
    I use for this plink
    This script looks like (other_script.bat):

    REM do something
    call D:\install\plink.exe -ssh -v -t -pw PASS "sudo -S <<< 'PASS' /home/user/scr/"

    All command in are working fine (build image, tag image e.t.c). But when docker push is called I receive a message no basic auth credentials

    Has someone any suggestion?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Cant push docker image to local registry by .sh script called from plink – no basic auth credentials”

    Have you tried to put you credentials in a file locally on your machine? Create json.config file under C:\Users\.docker or on Linux at $HOME/.docker/config.json and copy the following content to that file

            "auths": {
                    "": {
                            "auth": "aGVja2VhOiFoZWNrb25vXXXX"

    Note that the auth string ist your username password in BASE64 encoded. If you have a random Linux docker host where you have logged in to the registry before you can take the whole json.config file from the home directory there as well.

    Sidenote: We had a similar issue with the io.fabric docker-plugin and solved it with the steps described above.

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