Can't attach terminal to a running container in docker

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  • I have turned docker to listen tcp; so i have successfully opened port 4242 (-d -H=tcp://localhost:4242); I run a bare container:

    docker pull dhrp/sshd

    And then ran:

    docker run -d -t dhrp/sshd

    I can see the container running; but when I attach to it (using Docker Terminal) it shows : Session started and then nothing.

    What am I doing wrong here ?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can't attach terminal to a running container in docker”

    First, the dhrp/sshd image will start a ssh server. There is no point in attaching to it. You can ssh to it.

    If you want to attach to a running container, you need to do a couple of things:

    1. Start the docker daemon in TCP mode (docker -d -H tcp://) WARNING: Insecure.
    2. Put the correct host/port in Docker-Terminal’s index.html in data-docker-terminal-host (the port is 4243)
    3. Start a container
    4. Put the ID of the running container you want to attach to in data-docker-terminal-container still in Docker-Terminal’s index.html
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